5 Ways to Improve Your Networking Skills

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It doesn’t matter which profession you are in. You can’t deny that networking fuels an individual’s success. Not only will this be proven useful in learning directly from the other people you will meet, but the benefits you reap from associating and growing on your own authority are just very powerful for you.

For some people, the word networking already leaves a bad impression because of what that word is associated with. Many people are not sure where to start, what they must say in order to connect or even maintain a relationship. Below are 5 steps that will help you improve your networking skills.


Before even thinking about networking, take out the word “working” first from your mind. Most people hearing the word have misinterpreted what it actually means or it is really offensive to them.

The greatest networking is a result of genuine relationships. It is not through the business card exchange. It doesn’t matter whom you are trying to build that relationship with when you treat the other person as a friend instead of a contact for your business, it will take you much further in your relationship.


Many people do something just for the sake of it and are wondering why they are not reaping any benefits. Here’s a news flash – they rarely work. This has been an old analogy that has been practiced for long, but recently it rarely works.

What you need to do here is to set up your goal and focus on it by pouring all your energy into it. Write down a goal that can be achieved in 6 months, but there should be a risk there, too. Some people write down a 5-year goal, then set up another in a year then shortens it in 3 months, all of which are connected with each other. This is a way to divide a big goal so that it won’t feel like it is too far to reach to it.

The map

Now that you have already set up your destination according to the time you are going to achieve it, you need to design a map to your goal. You need to connect a networking strategy with the goals you’ve made.

Build your connection

How do you build up real connections? Whether it is in-person, via phone or Skype, here is what you need to keep in mind:

Ask them insightful questions in order to get the other person thinking.

Ask questions that are better and you will receive better answers.

Pay attention to your life is dependent on it


The fastest method of growing your network is by introducing 2 people that can benefit with each other. This strategy may sound simple, but it is hardly what people do these days. When was the last time that someone really went out of their way just to introduce you to someone after listening to the struggles you’ve shared? If they feel you are a rare breed that has experienced such struggles, you have met your superconductor.

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